What is milk and when is milk not milk anymore?      (installation/ performance/ research/ food/ multimedia - 2019)
                                                                                                               This is a collaborative project, wherein Agnete Beierholm, Gijs de Boer and Noelle van den Dungen, started a process of finding out what fascinates them about milk. The project turned into an exploration of what milk actually even is, if it is something, and not a lot of things, and if it is definable, and not something changing over time anyway.

In two interactive installations the audience is confronted with milk. The first, a Milkbar, ‘sells’ three types of milk (strong Milk, clean Milk, pure Milk), promoted by respectively Gijs, Agnete and Noelle. After finishing their glasses, the audience was asked to position milk’s imago, somewhere on a grid, between the good-evil-bad-pure axes. 
The follow up installation, a milky landscape, invites the audience to make milk. Accompanied only by the side note, that there is a bucket and water to clean your feet.