The thing things                                                                      (textual contribution C Magazine - 2019)

This article is one of the contributions to the first edition of C Magazine (2019); a magazine initiated by students and tutors linked to the Contextual Design Department of the Design Academy Eindhoven. A platform to express their views on the world and their views on design, by way of texts and images.

‘The Thing things (interpretation of Heidegger’s) ontology of Thing-ness’ is written to address a very simple question: What is a thing? As designer(s), and moreover, as human being in general we - of course - all ‘know’ what things are. But what are they actually? How to define the ‘thingly character’ of the things. 

This article dives into a philosophical answer (referring to Heidegger’s ontology of thing-ness) to the simple before mentioned question. 

Perspectives from C Magazine, Eindhoven [Print] 2019; Available upon request