The altar of the I       (short short film)  

A base. An extra layer of floor. It draws your attention to the ground.

It fascinates me that the rug, par excellence, is the object that makes you aware of the base. Not only physically (while walking/sitting/lying/etcetera on it, you can experience the different texture, patterns and dimensions of the rug compared to the floor ‘this floor’ is lying on), but also as a metaphor for being in contact with your ideals.
There are plenty examples of rugs that form an essential plane for practicing religious/spiritual rituals. A few materialized square meters that represent something you believe in or hope for.

What do I actually believe in? In the time and space wherein I grew up and now live, we mainly celebrate the ‘I’. Besides ourselves, also lots of other ‘I’s’. Potentially multiples, every day. We are celebrating the existence of the individual. The climax of norms and values being interwoven at the birthday party.

On the rug of contemporary mentality
I do a prayer for a happy birthday

This short film is part of the 3 day film workshop ‘The Rug, Host of Imaginations’ for the Contextual Design Department DAE hosted by Alexandre Humbert.