Square Meter Museum of Floors (research/ public space intervention/ photography/ pop-up museum concept - 2019)

The floor is an often overlooked, neglected and moreover taken-for-granted element in the space of the city. Yet, it is full of variations and regulations, mostly designed to inform the public about a social contract.

Nowadays and at many places, economic considerations turn the public floor into a monotonous asphalt and cement patchwork. “However, at one time the paving of the street and square was one of many architectural devices that fulfilled a need and expressed an intention at one and the same time. The paving of the street was not just below the lowest of everything but a veritable means of communication.” (Danish research about public space).

But it, if you look closely, you can find ‘character’ in the pavement. The following sentence discribes that very accurately: “One could read the architecture of the city through the soles of one’s shoes.”

I openend my eyes for the floors I daily walk on and granted it a podium in the pop-up Square Meter Museum of Floors. A small white cube containing an everchanging exhibition and a small post card ‘museum shop’, which travels through the streets, sharing public beauty, for free.