Philosophy of (my) Birthday                                    (graduation thesis MA Contextual Design -  2020)    

Whose birthday is it today? It might not be yours, but that does not mean at all, that now is not a good moment to reflect on yours, mine, someone else’s or the phenomenon in general. Why does (my and various other) society(s) celebrate birthdays? How is it designed and to what extent could we consider it a designed ‘thing’ or phenomenon at all?
Interestingly enough, does (almost) every human, just through living, turn into an experience expert in this context. Possibly relating to the birthday as something to look forward to, to ignore, to fear of, to celebrate or to have mixed feeling about. And so, multiple authors simultaneously write on this tradition, which is by no means time-less, however I cannot imagine my life without.

A 365,25636 paged memoir and reflection, redirecting my mind to all (my) birthdays I have been through as a starting point to evaluate what it really means to have a birthday.

Full document in pdf or printed is available on request.