Ode to a Steelpannetje                                      (ceramics/ video experiments/ boiling water - 2018)

An ode to a steelpannetje, that eventually got interchanged (by my roommates and I) for an electric cooker with a boiling time of less than a minute.

I used to boil water for my cup of tea in a little sauce pan (or ‘steelpannetje’, in Dutch) on the stove. The waiting time, which is an average 4min and 29sec, till it boils, is enough to wonder about the etymology of this basic household object.

There is a contradiction between of the astrononic greatness of the Great Bear (asterism) and the futility of the simplest household object on the stove. Both part of that steelpannetje. It fascinates me. 
I deconstructed the and mixed the scenarios of making a cup of tea and being a constellation in a 4min and 29sec visual.