born in Utrecht (1993), the Netherlands. Based in Rotterdam.

As a product of diverse backgrounds as well in cultural roots (Dutch, Surinamese, French, Indonesian), as education (design, philosophy, fine arts) and upbringing (many places, many families), Noelle van den Dungen is always searching for connecting factors in ordinary things between human in as many as possible different contexts.
The ordinary is a treasure full of ‘hidden’ social conventions. Her artistic projects are her medium for making these visible and opening up the floor for questioning how common the common actually is. Striving to communicate this in an airy, yet incisive and tad disturbing language of words and physical material.


MA Contextual Design, graduated
Design Academy Eindhoven

MA Philosophy, graduated
Leiden University

BA Industrial Design, graduated
Technical University Delft


    2021, April - tba. Rethinking Plastic, Yksi Gallery, Eindhoven, group show

    2021, 8 Mar. - 11 Apr. Moving In Stasis, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, group show

    2020, 22 Oct. - 2021 Feb. VOX-POP, Amsterdam, group show

    2020, 17-25 Oct. GS20 DDW, online, graduation group show

    2019, Mar. ‘100% À VILLETTE MAKERZ’, Paris, FR, group show


on request


instagram: @noellevandendungen